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Mon Aug 21 06:30:37 EDT 2006

Dear colleagues,

as a newbie to the field of bibliometrics, I hope you won't critize me for
using this list to ask for your professional advice and help in regard to
the research I'm working on.

I am currently carrying out a bibliometric analysis on one, nationally and
regionally, important LIS journal published by the national library society.
The journal is publishing professional and research articles from the field
of library and information science. Unfortunately, the journal is not
covered by major indexing databases (journal without IF). Until now I have
finished the descriptive analysis by manually collecting and storing in MS
Access important journal characteristics, like: no. of vol., no. of
articles, article type, authorship characteristics, topic/subject trends...
 I have also scanned references from first to last published issue.

Here comes my question: what kind of citation analysis can be done with
references collected only from the source journal without knowing who used
the journal or articles published inside the journal?

a) no. of citations

b) cit. per article

c) cit. per vol.

d) type of cited sources (articles, books, proceedings ...)

e) journal self-citations

f) author self-citations

g) cit. to institutions

Any other advice is more than welcome.

Many thanks,

Dobri Georgievski
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