Morris, S. A., (2005), " Manifestation of emerging specialties in journal literature..."

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Folks on this list may be interested in the following paper:

Morris, S. A. (2005). Manifestation of emerging specialties in journal
literature: A growth model of papers, references, exemplars,
bibliographic coupling, co-citation, and clustering coefficient
distribution. Journal of the American Society for Information Science
and Technology, 56(12), 1250-1273.

Abstract:  A model is presented of the manifestation of the birth and
development of a scientific specialty in a collection of journal
papers.  The proposed model, "Cumulative Advantage by Paper with
Exemplars" (CAPE), is an adaptation of Price's cumulative advantage
model. Two modifications are made: 1) references are cited in groups by
paper, and 2) the model accounts for the generation of highly cited
exemplar references immediately after the birth of the specialty.  This
simple growth process mimics many characteristic features of real
collections of papers, including: the structure of the paper to
reference matrix, the reference per paper distribution, the paper per
reference distribution, the bibliographic coupling distribution, the
co-citation distribution, the bibliographic coupling clustering
coefficient distribution, and the temporal distribution of exemplar
references. The model yields a great deal of insight into the process
that produces the connectedness and clustering of a collection of papers
and references.  Two examples are presented and successfully modeled: a
collection of 131 papers on MEMS RF switches, and a collection of 901
papers on the subject of complex networks.

A preprint version can be found at:


Steven Morris

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