Bibliometric analsysis of the development of a given subject area?

Katy Borner katy at INDIANA.EDU
Thu Jun 2 07:06:07 EDT 2005

We recently did a bibliometric analysis of the Information Visualization
domain based on ACM data (covers one out of the three main InfoVis
Conferences, no books, no journals). This domain is about 20 years old
and the results at
report the birth and evolution of this domain.
A more recent version of the animated visualization of the evolving
co-author network is attached.

Sloan, Bernie wrote:

>Adminstrative info for SIGMETRICS (for example unsubscribe):
>Can someone recommend a few exemplary papers dealing with the
>bibliometric analysis of the development of the literature in a given
>subject area?
>I'd like to take an historical look at the development of the literature
>in an area that has only really been around for 15 years or so, with
>most of the publication occurring in the past ten years, especially the
>past five years. And I'd specifically like to do it using data from the
>ISI databases.
>Sorry to sound so vague, but it's only a general idea for me right now.
>I'd just like to see what others have done with other subject areas.
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Katy Borner, Assistant Professor
Information Science & Cognitive Science
Indiana University, SLIS
10th Street & Jordan Avenue     Phone:  (812) 855-3256   Fax: -6166
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