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IMLS Fellowships for Doctoral Studies

The College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University (IST)

applications for IMLS/MDI (Management of Digital Information) fellowships
for studies

toward the Ph.D. program. The fellowships are funded by the IMLS "Librarians
for the

21st Century" program. A total of five fellows will be selected; each will
be awarded a

full tuition fellowship, plus a research fellowship of $19,500 per year for
at least two


About the Fellowships

A main objective of the program is to accelerate the development of new
faculty for

educating the next generation of library professionals. The library
community is in

critical need of professionals who have the knowledge and skills to provide

services in a library environment, from organizing digital collections and

access to various digital resources, to personalizing services for users of
all ranges of

skills and ethnic backgrounds. We expect to train the selected IMLS/MDI
fellows to

become leaders in educating such new library professionals.

Applying to the Program

We are seeking students who are passionate about Management of Digital

(MDI), digital libraries, or serving the information needs of users in the

environment. The successful applicant should meet all the admission
requirements of our

Ph.D. program (See the Program Web site http://www.cis.drexel.edu/ for

Applicants are not required to have library work experience or a Master of

Science degree. Familiarity with information technologies is desirable but
not required.

We encourage working professionals who have strong technical skills and who
are not in

the field of library and information science to apply. Applicants from

ethnic groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

The application forms are available here link to
http://www.drexel.edu/em/apply/ <http://www.drexel.edu/em/apply/>  . The

application procedure is the same as applying for our regular Ph.D. program.
In your

personal statement, however, you must state your interest in this fellowship
and discuss

how your background and research interest would fit this fellowship program.

Early consideration for this fellowship starts December 2004. You are
encouraged to

submit applications earlier to receive full consideration. All of the
fellows will start their

studies in September 2005.

Why IST?

Founded in 1892, IST is an innovative and multidisciplinary college that

outstanding information science and technology professionals. Drexel's ALA

M.S. in Library and Information Science is ranked number one for its

programs in information systems and ninth overall nationally by U.S. News &

Report. It's also ranked No.1 nationally. The College's Ph.D. program,
founded in 1974,

is an interdisciplinary degree built on a long tradition of excellence.
Graduates of the


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program have been placed throughout the country and many become leaders in

areas of library and information science. Current active research areas in
the College

include Digital Libraries, Knowledge Management, Metadata and Ontology,

Supported Collaborative Learning, Information Visualization, Citation
Analysis and

Bibliometrics, and the Information Seeking Behavior of Urban Young Adults.

For inquires or questions, please contact:

Dr. Xia Lin,

xia.lin at cis.drexel.edu


Dr. Michael Atwood,

mike.atwood at cis.drexel.edu


Dr. Kate McCain,

kate.McCain at cis.drexel.edu


Dr. Sandra Hughes-Hassell,

sandra.hughes at cis.drexel.edu


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