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Eugene Garfield wrote:
> apulgue at alcazaba.unex.es (A. Pulgarín),>  isgil at har.upv.es (I. Gil-Leiva).>> TITLE         Bibliometric analysis of the automatic indexing literature: 1956-2000>                  Full Text Available at : http://ttt.upv.es/isgil/Articulo%20Analisis%20bibliometrico%20Ia%2070.pdf>> AUTHORS  (a)    Antonio Pulgarín , (b)  Isidoro Gil-Leiva> JOURNAL   Information Processing and Management 40, p.365-377, 2004>> ADDRESS: (a) Faculty of Library & Information Science, University of Extremadura, La Alcazaba, 06071 Badajoz, Spain>                   (b) Faculty of Computer Sciences, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain>> Abstract> We present a bibliometric study of a corpus of 839 bibliographic references about automatic> indexing, covering the period 1956-2000. We analyse the distribution of authors and works, the> obsolescence and its dispersion, and the distribution of the literature by topic, year, and source> type. We conclude that: (i) there has been a constant interest on the part of researchers; (ii) the> most studied topics were the techniques and methods employed and the general aspects of> automatic indexing; (iii) the productivity of the authors does fit a Lotka distribution (Dmax => 0.02 and critical value = 0.054); (iv) the annual aging factor is 95%; and (v) the dispersion of> the literature is low.>> Keywords: Automatic indexing; Scientific output; Bibliometric analysis

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