van der Steen, LPE., Hage, J. J, et al , "Full Publicati

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Fri Aug 20 15:01:11 EDT 2004

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Author : van der Steen, Lydia P. E. B.Sc.(Math.); Hage, J. Joris M.D.,

         Ph.D.; Loonen, Martijn P. J. M.D.; Kon, Moshe M.D., Ph.D.

Title :  Full Publication of Papers Presented at the 1995 through 1999
         European Association of Plastic Surgeons Annual Scientific
         Meetings: A Systemic Bibliometric Analysis.

Source:  Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 114(1):113-120, July 2004.

>From the multitude of oral presentations at major medical meetings, the most
informative and highest-quality studies make it to full publication in
peer-reviewed journals. The rate of publication may be regarded as an
indicator of the scientific level of the meeting. Study of the publication
rates of consecutive annual meetings allows for the evaluation of the
consistency of the scientific level of these meetings and for comparison

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