KrKwic: A computer program for the analysis of Korean text

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Understanding the KrKwic: A computer program for the analysis of Korean text

Han Woo PARK (YeungNam University)

Loet LEYDESDORFF (University of Amsterdam)

The program and manuals are available at


This paper (in Korean) examines the KrKwic (Korean Key Word In Context)
which is a computer-based content analysis software. The KrKwic is a social
network computer program for analyzing a Korean text. The software is able
to count how many times a word occurs in the text and produces a list of
words in the order of frequency. The most frequently occurring words can be
defined as key words and a co-occurrence (or cosine) matrix among the words
can be produced. The matrix can be used as an input file to social network
analysis softwares such as UciNet or Pajek (at for a wide variety of
analytic techniques (e.g., centrality, density, cluster analysis,
multi-dimensional scaling, network diagram). This paper illustrates how to
use the KrKwic using ten news stories about "regional innovation." The
sampled articles were collected at  <> which is the most comprehensive search engine in South

The program is derived from a similar one for English available at
<> .

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