Roth RL "Chemistry Journals: Cost-effectiveness, seminal titles and exchange rate profiteering" Science & Technology Libraries 22(3-4):59-70, 2002(published in 2004)

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TITLE : Chemistry Journals: Cost-effectiveness, seminal titles and exchange
        rate profiteering (Article, English)

SOURCE: Science & Technology Libraries 22(3-4):59-70, 2002
        (published in 2004)
        Haworth Press Inc. Binghamton

Author Address: D.L. Roth, 1200 E. Calif. Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91125


The cost-effectiveness of STM journals has been compared within several
subject areas, beginning with Henry Barschall's work with the physics
literature in the late 1980s. A new use-independent cost-effectiveness
metric is proposed and calculated for journals in several chemistry

Publisher and year-of-publication data for seminal journal articles assigned
in a graduate-level organic synthesis class are presented.

The effects of publisher policies in establishing and enforcing differential
subscription prices for European and non-European customers on the rise of
journal subscription costs and also on possible exchange-rate profiteering
are discussed.

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