Information Visualization 2(1) 2003

Chaomei Chen Chaomei.Chen at CIS.DREXEL.EDU
Tue May 13 18:08:20 EDT 2003

I'd like to draw your attention to the forthcoming issue of Information
This is a collection of the best papers from the IEEE Symposium on
Visualization. The guest editor is Pak Chung Wong of PNNL. The journal is
in both print and online versions.
The journal's homepage is at:

Information Visualization

Volume 2, Issue 1. 2003

Guest Editor's introduction: special issue on IEEE Symposium on
Visualization 2002
Pak Chung Wong

Space-optimized tree: a connection+enclosure approach for the
of large hierarchies
Quang Vinh Nguyen, Mao Lin Huang

InterRing: a visual interface for navigating and manipulating hierarchies
Jing Yang, Matthew O Ward, Elke A Rundensteiner, Anilkumar Patro

Beamtrees: compact visualization of large hierarchies
Frank van Ham, Jarke J van Wijk

Visual unrolling of network evolution and the analysis of dynamic
Ulrik Brandes, Steven R Corman

Metric 3D structure in visualizations
Mats Lind, Geoffrey P Bingham, Camilla Forsell

Visualizing geographic information: VisualPoints vs CartoDraw
Daniel A Keim, Stephen C North, Christian Panse, Jorn Schneidewind

Fast multidimensional scaling through sampling, springs and interpolation
Alistair Morrison, Greg Ross, Matthew Chalmers

Book Review: Data Mining and Uncertain Reasoning: an Integrated Approach,
Z Chen
Reviewed by Xiaohua Hu

Best wishes,
Chaomei Chen
Information Visualization
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