Abstracts, Introductions and Discussions

Pedro Álvarez Martínez palvarez at UNEX.ES
Thu May 8 03:24:03 EDT 2003

I will appreciate very much if you can send me an electronic preprint of
the paper: Abstracts, introductions and discussions: How far do they differ
in style?
Tank you very much
Allthe best

Pedro Alvarez
Faculty of Economics
University of Exreemadura
Badajoz (Spain)

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From: "J. Hartley" <j.hartley at PSY.KEELE.AC.UK>
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 1:07 PM
Subject: [SIGMETRICS] Abstracts, Introductions and Discussions

> Colleagues may be interested in a paper which we have just had accepted
> publication in Scientometrics.
> Please e-mail me (not the list) if you would like a printed or electronic
> preprint.
> j.hartley at psy.keele.ac.uk
> The title and abstract follow below.
> James Hartley
> Department of Psychology
> Keele University
> Staffordshire
> ST5 5BG UK
> Abstracts, introductions and discussions: How far do they differ in style?
> James Hartley, James W. Pennebaker and Claire Fox
> Two computer-based style programs were used to analyse the Abstracts,
> Introductions and Discussions of 80 educational psychology journal
> Measures were made of the overall readability of the texts as well as of
> sentence lengths, difficult and unique words, articles, prepositions and
> pronouns.  The results showed that the Abstracts scored worst on most of
> these measures of readability, the Introductions came next and the
> Discussions did best of all.  However, although the mean scores between
> different sections differed, the authors wrote in stylistically consistent
> ways across the sections.  Thus readability was variable across the
> but consistent within the authors.

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