Baumgartner, H; Pieters, R "The structural influence of marketing journals: A citation analysis of the discipline and its subareas over time" Journal of Marketing 67(2):123-139 April 2003.

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TITLE:           The structural influence of marketing journals: A
                 citation  analysis of the discipline and its subareas
                 over time (Article, English)
 AUTHOR:         Baumgartner, H; Pieters, R
 SOURCE:         JOURNAL OF MARKETING 67 (2). APR 2003. p.123-139 AMER


 ABSTRACT:       The authors investigate the overall and subarea influence
of a comprehensive set of marketing and marketing-related journals at three
points in time during a 30-year period using a  citation-based measure of
structural influence. The results show that a few journals wield a
disproportionate amount of influence in the marketing journal network as a
whole and that influential journals tend to derive their influence from many
different journals. Different journals are most influential in different
subareas of marketing; general business and managerially oriented journals
have lost influence, whereas more specialized marketing journals have gained
in influence overtime. The Journal of Marketing emerges as the most
influential marketing journal in the final period (1996-97) and as the
journal with the broadest span of influence across all subareas. Yet the
Journal of Marketing is notably influential among applied marketing
journals, which themselves are of lesser influence. The index of structural
influence is significantly correlated with other objective and subjective
measures of influence but least so with the impact factors reported in the
Social Sciences Citation Index. Overall, the findings demonstrate the rapid
maturation of the marketing discipline and the changing role of key journals
in the process.

AUTHOR ADDRESS: H Baumgartner, Penn State Univ,
Smeal Coll Business, University Pk, PA 16802 USA

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