Newby GB, Greenberg J, Jones P "Open source software development and Lotka's Law: Bibliometric Patterns in Programming" Journal of the American Society for Information SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 54 (2): 169-178 JAN 15 2003

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Title   Open source software development and Lotka's Law: Bibliometric
        patterns in programming
Author  Newby GB, Greenberg J, Jones P
        SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 54 (2): 169-178 JAN 15 2003

 Document type: Article    Language: English
 Cited References: 26      Times Cited: 0

This research applies Lotka's Law to metadata on open source software
development. Lotka's Law predicts the proportion of authors at different
levels of productivity. Open source software development harnesses the
creativity of thousands of programmers worldwide, is important to the
progress of the Internet and many other computing environments, and yet has
not been widely researched. We examine metadata from the Linux Software Map
(LSM), which documents many open source projects, and Sourceforge, one of
the largest resources for open source developers. Authoring patterns found
are comparable to prior studies of Lotka's Law for scientific and scholarly
publishing. Lotka's Law was found to be effective in understanding software
development productivity patterns, and offer promise in predicting aggregate
behavior of open source developers.

Newby GB, Univ N Carolina, 100 Manning Hall,CB 3360, Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Univ N Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599 USA


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