Thelwall M. "Evidence for the existence of geographic trends in university Web site interlinking" J. Doc. 58(5):563-574, 2002.

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TITLE         Evidence for the existence of geographic trends in
              university Web site interlinking
AUTHOR        Thelwall M
JOURNAL       JOURNAL OF DOCUMENTATION 58 (5): 563-574 2002

 Document type: Article   Language: English
Cited References: 32      Times Cited: 2

The Web is an important medium for scholarly communication of various types,
perhaps eventually to replace entirely some traditional mechanisms such as
print journals. Yet the Web analogy of citations, hyperlinks, are much more
varied in use and existing citation techniques are difficult to generalise
to the new medium. In this context, one new challenging object of study is
the modern multifaceted, multi genre, partly unregulated university Web
site. This paper develops a methodology to analyse the patterns of
interlinking between university Web sites and uses it to indicate that the
degree of interlinking decreases with distance, at least in the UK.
This is perhaps not in itself a surprising result, despite claims of a
paradigm shift from the traditional virtual college towards collaboratories,
but the methodology developed can also be used to refine existing Web link
metrics to produce more powerful tools for comparing groups of sites.

Author Keywords:
Internet, knowledge workers, universities, United Kingdom

KeyWords Plus:

Thelwall M, Wolverhampton Univ, Sch Comp & Informat Technol, Wolverhampton
WV1 1DJ, W Midlands, England
Wolverhampton Univ, Sch Comp & Informat Technol, Wolverhampton WV1 1DJ, W
Midlands, England


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