McKiernan, G. "E is for Everything: The Extra-Ordinary, Evolutionary [E-] Journal. 2001. Technical Report" Serials Librarian 41(3-4):293-321, 2002

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TITLE   E is for Everything: The Extra-Ordinary, Evolutionary [E-] Journal
        2001.  Technical Report

AUTHOR  McKiernan, Gerry


   An ever-increasing number of e-journals are transcending
   the limitations of the paper medium by incorporating and integrating a
wide variety of innovative electronic features and content. In this
article, we examine the current evolution of the scholarly journal and
review the emergence of functionalities that expand and extend the
conventional electronic journal. We further explore additional e-journal
enhancements and consider new forms and formats of scholarly
communication likely to arise in the not-so-distant future.

   electronic journal; innovation, customization; multimedia; eclectic
journals; object-oriented
                       L. Information technology and library technology
                       H. Information sources, supports, channels
                       I. Information treatement for information services
                       (Information functions and techniques)
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       Deposited On:05 January 2003
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