Surinach J, Duque JC, Ramos R, Royuela V "Publication patterns in regional and urban analysis: Have topics, techniques and applications changed during the 1990s?" REGIONAL STUDIES 37 (4): 351-363 JUN 2003

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TITLE     Publication patterns in regional and urban analysis: Have topics,
techniques and applications changed during the 1990s?

AUTHOR    Surinach J, Duque JC, Ramos R, Royuela V

JOURNAL   REGIONAL STUDIES 37 (4): 351-363 JUN 2003

Document type: Article     Language: English     Cited References: 25
Times Cited: 0

The current state of regional and urban science has been much discussed and
a number of studies have speculated on possible future trends in the
development of the discipline. However, there has been little empirical
analysis of current publication patterns in regional and urban journals.
This paper studies the kinds of topics, techniques and data used in papers
published in nine top international journals during the 1990s with the aim
of identifying current trends in this research field.

Author Keywords:
regional and urban science, bibliometric analysis

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Surinach J, Univ Barcelona, Grp Anal Quantitat Reg, Avda Diagonal 690,
Barcelona 08034, Spain
Univ Barcelona, Grp Anal Quantitat Reg, Barcelona 08034, Spain


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Excerpt from page 353  - Selection of Journals and Papers
The criteria applied to  limit this sample can be summarized as follows.
First, we chose journals included in the Econlit database2  for at   least
a   part   of   the   time   period   considered.   We then  reduced  this
sample  of  journals  further  to  those included in the Social Science
Citation Index database3 in  one  or  more  of  the  following  categories:
demography; economics; environmental studies; geography; planning  and
development;  transportation;  and  urban  studies. Next, we reviewed the
‘aim and scopes’ section of   all  these   journals   to  select   only
those  that   deal with  urban,  local,  and/or  regional  problems.  A
final selection  from  this  list  gives  the  list  of  nine  journals
shown in Table 1.

Table  1.
Top international regional and urban journals included in the analysis
Annals of Regional Science(ARS)    International Journal of Urban and
                                   Regional Research  (IJURR)

International Regional             Journal of Regional Science  ( JRS)
Science Review  (IRSR)

Journal of Urban Economics         Papers in Regional Science  (PRS)
( JUE)

Regional Science and               Regional Studies  (RS)
Urban Economics  (RSUE)

Urban Sciences (US)

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