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Subbiah Arunachalam subbiah_a at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 5 23:52:27 EST 2003

Friends in liblicense/ sigmetrics list:

Is there anyone who can provide me data on the number
of papers published
from different countries yearwise and the number of
citations received by
these papers? As an example, say India published
12,000 papers in 1999 and
these 12,000 papers were collectively cited 8,000
times till the end of
2001. ISI, Philadelphia, can provide such data from
its Science Citation
Index (or now web of Science/ Web of Knowledge) files.
Are such data
actually available in the public domain?

The Second European Report on S&T Indicators has a
table (Table 2c.6a) which
gives publication and citation counts for the ten
leading countries for four
years in eight different fields.

Thanks and best wishes.

[Subbiah Arunachalam]

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