Geuna A, Martin BR. "University research evaluation and funding: An international comparison" Minerva 41(4):277-304, 2003

Eugene Garfield garfield at CODEX.CIS.UPENN.EDU
Thu Dec 11 14:30:46 EST 2003

TITLE:          University research evaluation and funding:
                An international comparison (Article, English)
AUTHOR:         Geuna, A; Martin, BR
SOURCE:         MINERVA 41 (4). 2003. p.277-304 KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBL,


ABSTRACT:       Many countries have introduced evaluations of university
research, reflecting global demands for greater accountability. This
paper compares methods of evaluation used across twelve countries in
Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. On the basis of this comparison, and
focusing in particular on Britain, we examine the advantages and
disadvantages of performance-based funding in comparison with other
approaches to funding. Our analysis suggests that, while initial benefits
may outweigh the costs, over time such a system seems to produce
diminishing returns. This raises important questions about its continued

AUTHOR ADDRESS: A Geuna, Univ Sussex, Freeman Ctr, SPRU Sci & Technol
Policy Res, Brighton BN1 9QE, E Sussex, England

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