Request for journal/article/field statistics from Ulrichs and ISI

Stevan Harnad harnad at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK
Wed Aug 27 15:47:04 EDT 2003

This is a request for some statistical information from any colleague
who has access to the Ulrichs Directory:
and to ISI

In order to get a clear idea of current progress toward open access,
I would be very grateful if somone could provide me with the following
data (for 2002 and 2003):

>From Ulrich's:

    (1a) (TJ) The total number of refereed (peer-reviewed) journals
    Ulrich's indexes currently (24,116 active was latest figure)

    (1b) (TA) What is the total annual *article* count for that total
    of 24,116 refereed journals (or estimate, or average per journal)?

    (1c) If possible, it would be a huge help if the TJ and TA count
    could be broken down by fields, e.g., total number of journals (tj)
    and total number of articles (ta) in Physics (tjp, tap), Chemistry
    (tcj, tca), Linguistics (tlj, tla), etc.)

>From ISI:

    (2a) The same data as above, but only for the journals indexed by ISI:
    TJ(ISI) (last count: 8676)

    (2b) Same data as 1b, but for ISI only: TA(ISI): total articles,
    estimate, or average.

    (2c) Same discipline breakdown as 2c for ISI: tj and ta for physics,

These statistics would be a great help to me. I will then post the data,
and some analyses I will do with them.

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