Harande YI "Bibliometric analysis of economic geology literature from Africa 1993-1996" Science & Technology Libraries 20(4):45-54 2001.

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Title    Bibliometric analysis of economic geology literature from
         Africa 1993-1996
Author   Harande YI
Journal  SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY LIBRARIES  20 (4): 45-54 2001

 Document type: Article  Language: English
 Cited References: 11    Times Cited: 0

Geological Abstracts (a print database) was used to compile a bibliography
of economic geology literature from Africa, for the period 1993-1996. Two
hundred and twenty-two items were recorded within the period studied and
analyzed using simple statistical methods. The analyses were done according
to contributions to the sub-divisions of the economic geology literature.
Growth pattern of the field was also taken into consideration as well as
which African countries contributed to the literature of economic geology.
The findings of the study exhibit that African geological researchers were
more active in certain areas of the economic geology literature, especially
in the areas of energy sources and metals. All of the African contributions
were in the form of research papers. Only six countries-South Africa,
Nigeria, Zambia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Ghana-consistently contributed to the
field of Economic Geology, one or more publications each year within the
period studied.

Author Keywords:
geology literature, African publications, bibliometric analysis,
bibliography, economic geology, geology literature, African
geologists, researchers, growth pattern, contribution, research papers

KeyWords Plus:

Harande YI, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Univ, Univ Lib, PMB 0248, Bauchi, Nigeria
Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Univ, Univ Lib, Bauchi, Nigeria


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