English Translation of V.V. Nalimov's book,Naukametriya (Scientometrics)

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Dear Sir,
I clicked the sites as you mentioned, however I just found only 2 pages. Is
there anything wrong?
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> Dear Colleagues:
> We are all indebted to Professor V.V. Nalimov for having coined the term
> "Scientometrics".  However, it has been my experience that very few
> information scientists have read his 1969 classic.  The importance of this
> work was recognized by the U.S. Intelligence Agency shortly after it
> appeared.  The English translation has been available since then, but its
> availability is generally not known.
> It is with great pleasure that I have posted this translation to my Web
> for its historic significance.  You can access "Measurement of Science: A
> study of the development of science as an information process"
> http://garfield.library.upenn.edu/nalimov/measurementofscience/book.pdf
> Best wishes,
> Eugene Garfield
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