English Translation of V.V. Nalimov's book, Naukametriya (Scientometrics)

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I read Nalimov's paper quite a long time ago, but I can't remember how I
accessed it at the time. Certainly I don't have a copy. I was therefore keen
to take up your offer of access. However, clicking on to the site just gives
me the two cover sheets, not the document! Have I missed something or done
anything wrong?

Best wishes


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Dear Colleagues:

We are all indebted to Professor V.V. Nalimov for having coined the term
"Scientometrics".  However, it has been my experience that very few
information scientists have read his 1969 classic.  The importance of this
work was recognized by the U.S. Intelligence Agency shortly after it
appeared.  The English translation has been available since then, but its
availability is generally not known.

It is with great pleasure that I have posted this translation to my Web page
for its historic significance.  You can access "Measurement of Science: A
study of the development of science as an information process"

Best wishes,
Eugene Garfield

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