Garfield E "Recollections of Irving H. Sher 1924-1996: Polymath/information scientist extraordinaire" JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 52 (14): 1197-1202 DEC 2001

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Title      Recollections of Irving H. Sher 1924-1996: Polymath /information
scientist extraordinaire

Author     Garfield E

           TECHNOLOGY 52 (14): 1197-1202 DEC 2001

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Over a 35-year period, Irving H. Sher played a critical role in the
development and implementation of the Science Citation Index (R) and other
ISI (R) products. Trained as a biochemist, statistician, and linguist, Sher
brought a unique combination of talents to ISI as Director of Quality
Control and Director of Research and Development. His talents as a teacher
and mentor evoked loyalty. He was a particularly inventive but self-taught
programmer. In addition to the SCI,(R) Social Sciences Citation Index,(R)
and Arts and Humanities Citation Index,(R) Sher was involved with the
development of the first commercial SDI system, the Automatic Subject
Citation Alert, now called Research Alert,(R) and Request-A-Print Cards.
Together we developed the journal impact factor and the Journal Citation
Reports.(R) Sher was also the inventor of the SYSTABAR System of coding
references and Sherhand. He was involved in key reports on citation-based
historiography, forecasting Nobel prizes, and served as a referee for JASIS
over a 20-year period.
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