Nock DA "Careers in print: Canadian sociological books and their wider impact, 1975-1992" CANADIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY-CAHIERS CANADIENS DE SOCIOLOGIE 26 (3): 469-485 SUM 2001

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Title:  Careers in print: Canadian sociological books and their wider
        impact, 1975-1992

Author: Nock DA

                           26 (3): 469-485 SUM 2001

Document type: Article    Language: English    Cited References: 52
Times Cited: 0

This paper examines the most cited books in Canadian sociology published
between 1975 and 1987 as measured by the Social Science Citation Index. It
contrasts books which received twenty or more citations over a five-year
period from all sources (thirty-one books in all) with how many citations
these books had received in the two core Canadian anglophone sociology
journals. The latter list at its upper levels was mainly oriented to
feminist sociology and political economy (stratification and regionalism).
The overall list was broader in its coverage of topics and the paper
advances possible explanations for the difference between the two lists.

Finally, the paper examines the one socio-demographic factor of sex to see
whether women published highly visible books below, at or above their
numbers in the sociological population. In fact  women were more likely to
publish (highly cited) books compared to articles in core journals. The
reason is related to book publishing's receptivity to qualitative

Nock DA, Lakehead Univ, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1, Canada
Lakehead Univ, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1, Canada


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