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The work done by the Erkut team on Canadian business research output was
probably very time-consuming. Congratulations. However, bibliometrics is a
specialty which has its own rules and methods. These has to be mastered
before getting into the field. Here are my major comments for improving the
work in the future:

1. Fractional is a method no more used today. The standard is whole
2. Searching for articles with author's name only causes non-negligible
errors. Work with adresses (and names) is best.
3. The impact factor is not relativized according to fields.
4. Citations are counted on a whole period (1990-1999) although early papers
have more chance to be cited and later one get almost no citations at all.
5. More than the three standards types of documents are included. To the
best of my knowledge, bibliographies are not new knowlegde.

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Subject: [SIGMETRICS] Measuring Canadian Business Research Output and

A study was conducted to quantify both the output and the impact of the past
decade's scholarly research carried out by those academics currently
employed by Canadian business schools, using paper counts and citation
analysis.  The study found that the per capita paper output in Canadian
business schools is relatively low and is declining.  There are significant
differences between Canadian business schools, and the paper and citation
credits are highly variable with a few "stars" producing most of the impact.
The data and the results are tabulated on a web site which also contains a
link to a brief article describing the study

Feedback is welcome.

Erhan Erkut, Ph.D.
School of Business
University of Alberta
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