ABS: Stanhill, The growth of climate change science: A scientometric study

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TITLE           The growth of climate change science: A scientometric study
AUTHOR  Stanhill G
JOURNAL CLIMATIC CHANGE  48: (2-3) 515-524 FEB 2001

 Document type: Article     Language: English    Cited References: 16
Times Cited: 0

A quantitative description of the growth of climate change science is
presented based on the increase in the number of abstracts of scientific
dealing with the many aspects of this broad subject. This number now totals
7000 and is doubling every 11 years. The annual rate of publication per
and number of authors per paper in climate change science, 1.75 and 2.5
respectively, were similar to those for scientific publications in general
but, based on
the U.S. data, the cost per publishing scientist is very high largely
because of the sums allocated to satellite programs related to climate
change research. The
total global cost of current climate change research is estimated at three
billion U.S. dollars annually. Two plausible but very different
interpretations of the
growth curve of climate change research are presented and used to discuss
its future. The importance of extra-scientific factors in controlling the
growth of
climate change studies is emphasized, limiting the predictive value of the
scientometric analysis presented.

Stanhill G, Agr Res Org, Inst Soil Water & Environm Sci, IL-50250 Bet Dagan,
Agr Res Org, Inst Soil Water & Environm Sci, IL-50250 Bet Dagan, Israel.


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