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> Dr. Eugene Garfield Celebrates 75 Years
> Philadelphia, PA, USA September 15, 2000  - Today, Dr. Eugene Garfield,
> founder and Chairman Emeritus, ISI, celebrated his 75th birthday at the
> company's headquarters in Philadelphia.  Over 500 ISI employees and the
> staff from The Scientist*, a news journal for life scientists, where Dr.
> Garfield serves as President and Editor-in-Chief, joined him.
> At the celebration, Vin Caraher, Senior Vice President, Sales & Market
> Development,  ISI, acknowledged the many contributions Dr. Garfield has
> made in scientific communications and information science.  In particular,
> Caraher talked about his significant contribution to information recovery
> in the publication of the first multi disciplinary citation index to the
> genetics literature, which led eventually to the release of the Science
> Citation Index* in 1964.  "Today," Caraher noted, "this citation index,
> which is available via the Web of Science*, is used by more than 3.5
> million researchers worldwide. That number alone serves as testimony to
> the international impact Dr. Garfield's work has made in the scholarly
> research community."
> About The Web of Knowledge
> In addition, Dr. Garfield was presented with an advance copy of the
> monograph, The Web of Knowledge.
> This festschrift produced in his honor addresses the history, theory and
> practical applications of citation indexing and examines its impact on
> scholarly and scientific research 40 years after its inception.  The
> editors of the monograph, Blaise Cronin, Rudy Professor of Information
> Science and Dean, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana
> University; and Helen Barsky Atkins, Director, Database Development, ISI,
> made the presentation.  The book will be released in November at the
> American Society for Information Science and Technology, (ASIS&T) Annual
> Meeting in Chicago.  For more information about the festschrift, see:
> About Dr. Garfield
> Dr. Garfield is currently President of ASIS&T and a member of the Board of
> Overseers, University of Pennsylvania Library.  He is a member of many
> scientific and professional associations, including the American Chemical
> Society, the Drug Information Association and the European Association of
> Science Editors.  Garfield has been the recipient of many national and
> international awards.  In 1986, the City of Philadelphia awarded him the
> John Scott Award, and in 1991, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia
> awarded him an honorary Ph.D.  In 1993 and 1995 respectively, he was
> awarded an honorary M.D. from the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy
> and Charles University, Czech Republic. A list of his publications can be
> found at his Web site:
> About ISI
> ISI is an international information publisher providing reference products
> in the fields of the life sciences, chemistry, technology,
> pharmaceuticals, healthcare, engineering and business.  The company is
> part of The Thomson Corporation, a leading global e-information and
> solutions business with annual revenues of approximately US$6 billion.
> The Corporation's common shares are listed on the Toronto (TSE:TOC) and
> London stock exchanges.
> For more information about ISI, see:
> ###
The Web of Knowledge:  A Festschrift in Honor of Eugene Garfield
Edited by Blaise Cronin and Helen Barsky Atkins
Table of Contents
        The Scholar's Spoor      1-7
Blaise Cronin and Helen Barsky Atkins
Historical Perspectives
Chapter 1:      Eugene Garfield: History, Scientific Information
and Chemical Endeavor    11-23
Arnold Thackray and David C. Brock
Chapter 2:      How the Science Citation Index Got Started       25-64
Joshua Lederberg
Chapter 3:      Garfield as Alchemist    65-71
Paul Wouters
Chapter 4:      Assessing the Value of a Database Company        73-84
Robert M. Hayes
The Scientific Literature
Chapter 5:      The Growth of Journal Literature:
A Historical Perspective         87-107
Jack Meadows
Chapter 6:      The Role of Journals in the
Growth of Scientific Knowledge   109-142
Stephen Cole
Chapter 7:      Scholarly Communication
and Bibliometrics Revisited      . 143-162
Christine L. Borgman
Chapter 8:      Publication Velocity, Publication Growth
and Impact Factor: An Empirical Model    163-176
Péter Vinkler
Chapter 9:      Visualizing Citation Connections         177-194
Tony Cawkell
International Issues
Chapter 10:     Collaboration Networks in Science        197-213
María Bordons and Isabel Gómez
Chapter 11:     International Collaboration in Science:
The Case of India and China      215-231
Subbiah Arunachalam
Chapter 12:     Publication Indicators in Latin
America Revisited        233-250
Jane M. Russell
Chapter 13:     How Balanced is the Science Citation
Index's Journal Coverage? A Preliminary
Overview of Macro-Level Statistical Data         251-277
Tibor Braun, Wolfgang Glänzel and András Schubert
Evaluative Bibliometrics
Chapter 14:     A Short History of the Use of Citations as a Measure
of the Impact of Scientific and Scholarly Work   281-300
Jonathan R. Cole
Chapter 15:     The Pandora's Box of Citation Analysis:
Measuring Scientific Excellence-the Last Evil?   301-319
Anthony F. J. van Raan
Chapter 16:     The Complementarity of Scientometrics
and Economics    321-336
Arthur M. Diamond, Jr.
Chapter 17:     The Development of Science Indicators
in the United States     337-360
Francis Narin, Kimberly S. Hamilton
and Dominic Olivastro
Chapter 18:     Citations as a Means to Evaluate
Biomedical Research      361-372
Grant Lewison
Chapter 19:     Applying Diachronic Citation Analysis
to Research Program Evaluations  373-387
Peter Ingwersen, Birger Larsen and Irene Wormell
Chapter 20:     Scientometrics, Cybermetrics,
and Firm Performance     389-404
Michael E. D. Koenig and Mary Westermann-Cicio
Chapter 21:     Do Patent Citations Count?       405-432
Charles Oppenheim
Social Network Analysis
Chapter 22:     On the Garfield Input to the Sociology of Science:
A Retrospective Collage  435-448
Robert K. Merton
Chapter 23:     Charting Pathways through Science: Exploring
Garfield's Vision of a Unified Index to Science  449-473
Henry Small
Chapter 24:     Toward Ego-Centered Citation Analysis    475-496
Howard D. White
Chapter 25:     Graphing Micro-Regions in the Web of Knowledge:
A Comparative Reference-Network Analysis         497-516
Lowell L. Hargens
Chapter 26:     The Citation Network as a Prototype for
Representing Trust in Virtual Environments       517-534
Elisabeth Davenport and Blaise Cronin

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