Impact Factor in Brazil

Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at WANADOO.FR
Sat Sep 9 09:48:12 EDT 2000

a) How many Brazilian journals are taken into account for calculating the IF?
b) Is it more important for a Brazilian (or any other country in the
region) to be recognized by her/his peers in mainstream science, or to make
a noteworthy contribution to the scientific development of his/her country
(I know that eventually the 2 may go hand in hand, for the exceptionally
gifted ones)?
c) Is it a difference of nature between the "leading role" of the NYSE at
the international level, and the leading role of citations counts and IF?
In plain language, are not we conforming to a form of imperialism?
Michel Menou

At 18:27 06/09/00 -0400, Gretchen Whitney wrote:
>Hello all,
>   A colleague just returned from a conference on scholarly publishing in
>Brazil, and commented on the extensive use of the Impact Factor in the
>awarding of promotions, funding for research, and other benefits in
>research and publishing.
>   Can someone expand on this use of the IF in the region?
>   Thanks.

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