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TITLE           Information entropy and power-law distributions for chaotic
AUTHOR  Bashkirov AG, Vityazev AV
JOURNAL PHYSICA A 277: (1-2) 136-145 MAR 1 2000

 Document type: Article    Language: English    Cited References: 27
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The power law is found for density distributions for the chaotic systems of
most different nature (physical, geophysical, biological,
economical, social, etc.) on the basis of the maximum entropy principle for
the Renyi entropy. Its exponent q is expressed as a
function q(beta) of the Renyi parameter beta. The difference between the
Renyi and Boltzmann-Shannon entropies (a modified
Lyapunov functional Lambda(R)) for the same power-law distribution is
negative and as a function of beta has a well-defined
minimum at beta* which remains within the narrow range from 1.5 to 3 when
varying other characteristic parameters of any concrete
systems. Relevant variations of the exponent q(beta*) are found within the
range 1-3.5. The same range of observable values of q is
typical for the various applications where the power-law distribution takes
glace. It is known under the following names: "triangular
or trapezoidal" (in physics and technics), "Gutenberg-Richter law" (in
geophysics), "Zipf-Pareto law" (in economies and the
humanities), "Lotka low" (in science of science), etc. As the negative
Lambda(R) indicates self-organisation of the system, the
negative minimum of Lambda(R) corresponds to the most self-organised state.
Thus, the comparison between the calculated range
of variations of q(beta*) and observable values of the exponent q testifies
that the most self-organised states are as a rule realised
regardless of the nature of a chaotic system. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science B.V.
All rights reserved.

Author Keywords:
maximum entropy principle, power-law distribution, Renyi entropy

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Bashkirov AG, RAS, Inst Dynam Geospheres, Leninskii Prosp 38, Bldg 6, Moscow
117979, Russia.
RAS, Inst Dynam Geospheres, Moscow 117979, Russia.


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