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Subject: Shaojun Lu

Dear Jesse and ASIS colleagues,
        I am sorry to have to tell you that Shaojun Lu died yesterday in
his home in Oswego, New York.  Many of you knew him as a doctoral student
here at UCLA, then as a Visiting Professor at University of Iowa, and now
recently as an Assistant Professor at SUNY Oswego.   Shaojun's illness was
diagnosed only recently, and he declined quickly.  He was 37.
        He had a distinguished and productive career in the School of
Library and Information Science at Wuhan University in China, where he
published over forty journal articles and two monographs.   He came to the
United States to work on a doctorate, which he earned recently from UCLA.
        Shaojun's fiancee, Zhaohui Yang, nursed him faithfully, and was
with him when he died.  Shaojun was a kind and noble soul, and he died
gently and bravely.   He was my doctoral advisee, and I will miss him.
        He left behind his fiancee and family in China.  If you wish to
send condolences, her email is zhaohui_yang at; regular mail is Z.
Yang, c/o S. Lu, 29 Birch Lane, #20C, Oswego, NY, 13126.  Other
arrangements are still in the process of being made.
        Shaojun was a photographer, and mounted many beautiful photos on
his website.  See it at
                                Sincerely, Marcia

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