ABS: Paci, Technological enclaves and industrial districts : An analysis of the regional distribution of innovative activity in Europe

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TITLE:  Technological enclaves and industrial districts: An analysis
of the regional distribution of innovative activity in Europe
AUTHOR   Paci R, Usai S
JOURNAL REGIONAL STUDIES   34: (2) 97-114 APR 2000

 Document type: Article    Language: English    Cited References: 43
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This paper explores the spatial distribution of innovative and productive
activity across 109 regions of the European Union, using an original
statistical databank on regional parents. The main results are the
following. First, technological activity in the EU appears to be highly
concentrated, although concentration tended to decline over the 1980s.
Second, as expected, there is a positive association between the regional
distribution of innovative activity and labour productivity Third, we have
shown that spatial and sectoral specialization of innovative and productive
activities is significantly and positively correlated.

Author Keywords:
innovative activity, European regions, technological specialization,
productive specialization

KeyWords Plus:

Paci R, Univ Cagliari, Via St Ignazio 78, I-09123 Cagliari, Italy.
Univ Cagliari, I-09123 Cagliari, Italy.
CRENoS, I-09123 Cagliari, Italy.
Univ Sassari, I-07100 Sassari, Italy.
CRENoS, I-07100 Sassari, Italy.


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