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Dear colleagues:

Following the request of those of you interested in hard-printing the
articles of the ejournal Cybermetrics, we offer a pdf (Adobe Acrobat)
version for each one in order to avoid problems during html printing.

A new article has just been published:

Mapping University-Industry-Government Relations on the Internet: The
Construction of Indicators for a Knowledge-Based Economy
by Loet Leydesdorff and Michael Curran
Cybermetrics, Vol. 4 (2000). Issue 1. Paper

University-industry-government relations can be indicated by using
advanced search engines on the Internet. This methodology provides us
with opportunities to construct time series, compare among nations,
distinguish between the use of national languages as against English,
map relational patterns, etc.  On the occasion of the Third Triple Helix
Conference in Rio de Janeiro (April 2000), we focused on the comparison
between Brazil and The Netherlands, with reference to an international
baseline. The data can easily be reproduced for other countries. In
addition to studying the different domains and their
university-industry-government relations, we analyze, among other
things, the role of the respective (national) languages. The major
findings are: (1) patterns of development are similar in shape, but
different in size when comparing Brazil with The Netherlands, and with
the international environment; (2)“industry-government” relations are
enhanced in the national dimension, while “university-industry”
relations are profiled in the  (international) “any language” domain;
and (3) labels which can be controlled by actors (like title words of
web pages) reflect upon (and thus lag behind) structural features of the

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