ART: Smith, ANZAC Webometrics: Exploring Australasian Web structures

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Smith, Alastair
Schol of Communications and Information Management
Victoria University of Wellington
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ANZAC Webometrics: Exploring Australasian Web Structures

Information Online and On Disc 99: Strategies for the next millennium.
Procs. of the 9th Australasian Information Online & On Disc Conference
and Exhibition, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney Australia
19Ð21 January 1999

"There is a growing interest in applying bibliometric methods to the World
Wide Web, and Almind and Ingwersen (1997) have coined the term
ÔwebometricsÕ to describe this. The Internet search engine databases, such
as Alta Vista, provide data for webometric studies, comparable to the ISI
citation databases used in conventional bibliometric studies.

This paper reviews the literature in the emerging field, and reports on
the authorÕs ongoing research into the viability and reliability of
existing Internet search engines for webometric research, and the
development of appropriate methodology. The research aims to study the
impact of Australasian Web sites, making both internal and external

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