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Kostoff, Ronald N.  US Office of Naval Research. KOSTOFR at ONR.NAVY.MIL

Science and Technology Metrics.  1998

"A monograph entitled "SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY METRICS" was added to the
web site in April 1998. This document describes: a) why S&T assessment and
evaluation have become important; b) why metrics have become important for
quality S&T evaluation; c) what types of metrics are available for S&T
evaluation, and d) how metrics have been and can be applied to prospective
and retrospective S&T assessment and evaluation. Many case studies of
metrics applications are summarized. The monograph discusses how metrics
can be integrated with other evaluation tools to address the requirements
of the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993.

This comprehensive document is self-contained, with 14 Appendices, and can
serve as an information resource with over 5600 text and suggested reading

[n.b.  The 5600-item bibliography is on one page and takes time to load.
Earliest citation noted is 1955, but I did not scan the entire work.]

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