ABS: Bradshaw, Constructing indices from citations in collections

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Shannon Bradshaw, Kristian Hammond, Northwestern Univ.
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Constructing indices from citations in collections of research papers

Knowledge: Creation, Organization and Use. Procs. of the 62nd ASIS Annual
Meeting.  Medford, NJ: Information Today, 1999. p.628-632

We desicribe Rosetta, an indexing and retrieval system for collections of
research papers. Rosetta index paper in a collection based on the way they
have been described when referenced by other papers in the collection.
With this technique, indices for papers describe information provided in
the same way a query describes information needed. Using Rosetta, simple
natural language queries retrieve high-precision results in which
descriptions based on citations clearly summarize retrieved papers;
allowing users to quickly determine which papers most closely meet their
information needs.


c. ASIS, Reprinted with permission
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