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Jacqueline H. Trolley, Jill O'Neill; ISI
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New wine and old vessels: the evaluation and integration of web-based
information in well established resources

Knowledge: Creation, Organization and Use. Procs. of the 62nd ASIS Annual
Meeting.  Medford, NJ: Information Today, 1999. p.628-632

The creation of high quality knowledge-based tools is of primary
importance in today's competitive information market.  In the current
environment, some content providers are concerned with building or
enhancing appropriate systems to capture and integrate new forms of
information with existing data.  Associated with this, however, is the
challenge that content providers face when determining the right
parameters for inclusion of new forms of information and/or functionality
in an already commercially successful product.  One publisher, ISI, is
focused on moving towards creating a fully integrated system for
monitoring, filtering, organizating and navigating key scholarly content.

Today, the ISI (r) (Institute for Scientific Information (r)) database
covers over 16,000 international journals, books and proceedings in the
sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities.  When ISI decided to
incorporate scholarly, research-oriented Web sites as an expansion of its
_Current Contents Connect_ (tm) database, the organization faced some
significant issues relating to the establishment of evaluative criteria as
well as to the capture of appropriate metadata.

This presentation will discuss the development of criteria for and the
process used in evaluating and filtering content found on the Web for the
purpose of linking to this robust, high-quality information.  However this
initiative involved more than the identification and selection of
scientifically relevant content.  It included the establishment of an
appropriate staff; the creation of a data structure; a test of agents and
other automated tools; the building of an indexing methodology; and the
creation of permanent universal resource locators (PURL).  This paper will
discuss these issues.


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