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>Gregory H. Leazer, Jonathan Furner, UCLA
>Topological indices of textual identity networks
>Knowledge: Creation, Organization and Use. Procs. of the 62nd ASIS Annual
>Meeting.  Medford, NJ: Information Today, 1999. p.345-358
>A textual identity network is a set of documents that share common
>semantic or linguistic content.  For example, the textual identity network
>of _Ben Hur_ includes the progenitor work, translations, screen play
>adaptations, and film performances.  A network might also include
>successively numbered editions, simultaneous editions published in various
>countries, and other derivative forms.  This network expresses how a work
>evolves over time and through a variety of media.  Evolving textual
>identity can be expressed as a set of relationships among the members of
>the network.  Several taxonomies of intertextual associations have been
>developed for use in information retrieval systems.
>The individual documents (books, films, computer files, etc.) contained in
>a textual identify network can be associated through a number of pairwise
>relationships, and the network can be studied as a system.  This basic
>pattern makes textual networks ideal candidates for study using network
>analysis techniques, allowing summary measures that characterize networks.
>Topological indices provide high-level measures of network structure.
>This paper concludes on a discussion of how topological indices might be
>used in document retrieval.
>c. ASIS, Reprinted with permission.  Please visit their website at
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>School of Information Sciences                            fax 423.974.4967
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