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Gregory H. Leazer, Jonathan Furner, UCLA
Topological indices of textual identity networks

Knowledge: Creation, Organization and Use. Procs. of the 62nd ASIS Annual
Meeting.  Medford, NJ: Information Today, 1999. p.345-358

A textual identity network is a set of documents that share common
semantic or linguistic content.  For example, the textual identity network
of _Ben Hur_ includes the progenitor work, translations, screen play
adaptations, and film performances.  A network might also include
successively numbered editions, simultaneous editions published in various
countries, and other derivative forms.  This network expresses how a work
evolves over time and through a variety of media.  Evolving textual
identity can be expressed as a set of relationships among the members of
the network.  Several taxonomies of intertextual associations have been
developed for use in information retrieval systems.

The individual documents (books, films, computer files, etc.) contained in
a textual identify network can be associated through a number of pairwise
relationships, and the network can be studied as a system.  This basic
pattern makes textual networks ideal candidates for study using network
analysis techniques, allowing summary measures that characterize networks.
Topological indices provide high-level measures of network structure.
This paper concludes on a discussion of how topological indices might be
used in document retrieval.


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