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Gretchen Whitney gwhitney at UTKUX.UTCC.UTK.EDU
Mon Jun 21 15:45:02 EDT 1999

---Sara Jean Jackson <sjackson at> wrote:
> My intent at this time is to recommend to those of
you who may not have seen
> it, a Profiles article in the June 7 issue of The
New Yorker, p. 66. The
> profilee is Harold Varmus, NIH director.  As with
many of you I served a
> term on NLM's Biolmedical Library Review Committee
and well recall the
> budget implications of so much of what we did, as
well as the impact on NLM
> of every NIH budget.  That was also during my days
as chair of MLA's
> Governmental Relations Committee.  I lived and
breathed that stuff then.
> Well, I heartily recommend the New Yorker article.
> Greetings to all.  Sara Jean

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