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I like what you are sending, and appreciate your efforts. However for some
reason I get two copies of everything you send. Any idea on why this is

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  My apologies for the delay in getting new citations to you: a
thunderstorm blew through Knoxville which knocked out the university's
server for several hours.

  Let me take this opportunity to ask a few questions:

  (a) Are we sending out too many citations per day/week for you to
comfortably keep up with? Too few?  Just right?

  (b) Would you find it useful to focus on one site (e.g. E-Biomed) for a
week to focus discussion?

  (c) Would you find it useful to have a guest speaker to explain a
particular site/research effort (such as BIRD, at, or, AURESYS at

  Please respond to me privately at gwhitney at - I'll summarize
results for all Sigmetricians and keep your individual responses private.
I'll also take appropriate action for SIGMETRICS.


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