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Out of 107 postings on our list so far, the archives yield 20 items
after a "substring search" for IMPACT FACTOR . There is thus already
a "respectful" thread. Those postings/references deal with the
JOURNAL CITATION REPORTS (JCR) impact factors in a laudible or
critical way, but quite a number of them indicate a new approach in
"constructing" the impact factors for "non-ISI" journals, i.e. those
which are NOT within the ISI selection for regular coverage, but
have nevertheless been cited by them, as evidenced by the records
within the citation indexes. They are, however, kind of "hidden data".

According to Van Hooydonk, G. and Milis-Proost, G. /(1997),
Measuring impact by a full option method and the notion of
bibliometric spectra, Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the
international Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, Jerusalem
Israel, pp.449-461/ N. Bayers and H. Small (from ISI) estimated in
1996 that between 50 and 70% of all citations (depending on the
particular ISI index) are to non-ISI journals.

After 20 years of my meandering attempts to bring to the attention
of the mainstream science communities that the citation indexes
could be exploited one step further in evaluating the journals from
the peripheral scientific communities /Maricic, S (1997), The
mainstream peripheral science communication, Technoscience, Winter
1997, vol. 10, Number 1,
<http://www.cis.vt.edu/technoscience/97win/comm.htm>/ I eventually
propounded a concrete proposal  /Maricic, S (1998), The missing link
- The mainstream-peripheral science communication, Current Science
(India), 75(5):427-428, and on 28th January 1999, for the World
Conference on Science in <http://helix.nature.com/wcs/e01.html>/.

Of course, whoever is interested in the "non-ISI" journals standing
within the citation mindset, can "construct" their impact factors by
making use of the ISI's data bases and - paying for it.

However, for the science studies in peripheral scientific
communities it would be of great help if there existed a yearly
"catalogue" of all the "non-ISI" journal titles appearing within the
citation indexes. Titles only - at lest. Even more useful would be
to have the total numbers each title had been cited within the given

Any comments, or questions (to me or otherwise)?

Yours in discourse,

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