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Pedro Pedro
Mon Jul 19 11:50:19 EDT 1999

Dear Sir,

Impact factor it is a problem concerning not only Sigmetrics people , but
all research community. The core of this problem is the lack of a
theoretical framwork where any measurement makes sense.I would like to know
your opinion about the papers:"The Rasch Model. Measuring the Impact Factor
of Sientific Journals: Analytical Chemistry", (Journal of the American
Society for Information Science, JASIS, 47(6):458-467, 1996).

A way for defining a measurement is through latent variables, as it is
shown in the papers:"The Rasch Model. Measuring Information from Keywords:
The Diabetes Field", (JASIS 47(6):468-476, 1996); "The diffusion of
Scientific Journals Analyzed through Citations", (JASIS, 48(10)953-958);
"Equating Research Production in Different Scientific Fields" (Information
Processing & Management Vol. 34, No 4, pp. 465-470, 1998).

Thank you very much.

P. Alvarez


At 18:27 14/07/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Author(s):  Stegmann J
>Title:  Building a list of journals with constructed impact factors
>Source:  JOURNAL OF DOCUMENTATION 1999, Vol 55, Iss 3, pp 310-324
>Addresses:  Stegmann J, Free Univ Berlin, Clin Benjamin Franklin, Med Lib,
>D-12200 Berlin, Germany.
>Free Univ Berlin, Clin Benjamin Franklin, Med Lib, D-12200 Berlin,
>Abstract:  This communication describes the building of a list of
>constructed impact factors (CIF) for biomedical journals not included in
>1996 editions of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). The online retrieval
>from the host DI;DIMDI of the data needed for impact factor calculation is
>described in detail. At present, the CIF list comprises 338 titles. The
>100 (ranked according to their CIFs) are shown. The complete list is
>available via the World Wide Web at the URL:
>http://www.medizin.fu-berlin.de/medbib/CIF/cif.html. The possible
>of constructed impact f'actors for citation and evaluation studies is
>Source item page count:  15
>Publication Date:  JUN
>IDS No.:  200MA
>29-char source abbrev:  J DOC
>c. ISI, Reprinted with permission
>Please visit their website at http://www.isinet.com
>Gretchen Whitney, PhD                                     tel 423.974.7919
>School of Information Sciences                            fax 423.974.4967
>University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN 37996 USA           gwhitney at utk.edu
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