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Author(s):  Stegmann J
Title:  Building a list of journals with constructed impact factors
Source:  JOURNAL OF DOCUMENTATION 1999, Vol 55, Iss 3, pp 310-324
Addresses:  Stegmann J, Free Univ Berlin, Clin Benjamin Franklin, Med Lib,
D-12200 Berlin, Germany.
Free Univ Berlin, Clin Benjamin Franklin, Med Lib, D-12200 Berlin,

Abstract:  This communication describes the building of a list of
constructed impact factors (CIF) for biomedical journals not included in
1996 editions of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). The online retrieval
from the host DI;DIMDI of the data needed for impact factor calculation is
described in detail. At present, the CIF list comprises 338 titles. The
100 (ranked according to their CIFs) are shown. The complete list is
available via the World Wide Web at the URL:
http://www.medizin.fu-berlin.de/medbib/CIF/cif.html. The possible
of constructed impact f'actors for citation and evaluation studies is
Source item page count:  15
Publication Date:  JUN
IDS No.:  200MA
29-char source abbrev:  J DOC

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