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Ken Takahashi ktaka at MED.UOEH-U.AC.JP
Wed Jul 14 01:40:19 EDT 1999

I am the author of the letter on Topic-based Impact Factors, which was
recently posted to your listserv by courtesy of Dr. Eugene Garfield.
He also advised me to enroll in the SIGMETRICS so that I can follow the
discussion, and respond to the comments raised.  I have not been able
to do this until now because I could not find information on how to

The following address did not work either.
qwhitney at

I would appreciate your help.

Sincerely yours,
Ken Takahashi

Ken Takahashi
Associate Professor
Dept. Environmental Epidemiology
University of Occupational & Environmental Health
Orio, Yahatanishiku
Kitakyushu City 807-8555, Japan
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