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Louisa Worthington Rogers elworthi at MIT.EDU
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I would possibly be interested in either Cabinet rep or alternative rep,
although I need to check the manual to see what those responsibilities are.
I enjoyed attending the SIG Planning session in Milwaukee for Jim.  Is that
part of the Cabinet rep's job? 


I returned to MIT Monday to face 5 huge meetings and candidates to interview
for a position here, but I will get my notes to Jim in a day or so.  It was
great to find that several SIGs are interested in our ideas.




Louisa Worthington Rogers 
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Hi all, 
It was good to see everyone at ASIST and I hope you all had a productive

It was unfortunate that we had only short periods to meet, but I am very
interested in any and all ideas for revitalizing this important SIG. Since I
have only attended the past two SIG-MED meetings (I am usually only able to
go to AMIA each fall), I have a lot to learn regarding administrative issues
related to SIGs, but I am in the process of doing so now. At this point, we
really need to take care of some pressing business:

1) Louisa has told me that other SIGs are interested in collaborating with
us. She will be sending her notes from the planning meeting soon and we can
discuss options for our session(s). 

2) Steve is working on the the Annual Report, which will be sent in before

3) To do the above, we need to elect some officers. As noted, we are already
in non-compliance with the SIG by-laws since this was to be done before the
annual business meeting, but it needs to be done so I hope there are no
issues that will prevent this. Here are the openings and any nominees at
this point:

Chair: Me (outgoing Steve MacCall) 
Cabinet Representative: 
Alternative Representative: 
Secretary/Treasurer: Nominee: Nancy Blase 
Communications Officer: current: Leonard D'Avolio 

As I understand it, we are only required by the by-laws to elect a Chair and
Chair-elect, who also serve as the Cabinet Rep. and Alternate Rep,

Since Nancy has been kind enough to agree to be nominated for
Secretary/Treasurer, I would like to press her good nature to request that
perhaps she consider switching to Chair-elect so that we have the two
required officer positions filled this year. BUT, this may not be allowed in
our rules. If anyone has a copy of our SIG's Operating Rules, I would
appreciate these. Once we review them, I am inclined to suggest two-year
terms for at least the Chair, and am curious to know more about any past
rules the SIG has adopted. If it turns out that we must elect the other
positions, then I would like to solicit nominations (including
self-nominations) for these positions. 

For more information on the responsibilities of these officers, please refer
to the SIG Officers Manual and Bylaws on the ASIST website.

Once we have the nominees finalized, I will send out an electronic ballot
(email) and we can move on from there with the session planning and other
issues related to the future of the SIG.

Thanks for all of your help, 

James E. Andrews, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor 
University of South Florida 
School of Library and Information Science 
4202 E. Fowler Ave., CIS 1040 
Tampa, FL  33620 
Fax: 813-974-6840 
jandrews at cas.usf.edu 


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