[Sigmetrics] Topic modelling in arts and humanities research

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Dear Jonathan,

I read the report with interest. We previously had some validity issues 
with topic modeling (Leydesdorff & Nerghes, 2017), which we discussed 
before. Have these issues been solved by moving from LDA to Non-negative 
Matrix Factorization as a method?

You claim (p. 15) that the results are "meaningful," but elsewhere you 
formulate more cauteously that "topic modeling is a promising approach 
that can capture trends in research production."
"Can" or "may"?

Are the data (and perhaps some results) available online? Tobias Hecking 
(Duisburg) and I are trying to upscale the previous study and would love 
to use them as an example.


Leydesdorff, L., & Nerghes, A. (2017). Co-word maps and topic modeling: 
A comparison using small and medium-sized corpora (N < 1,000). 
[Article]. Journal of the Association for Information Science and 
Technology, 68(4), 1024-1035. doi: 10.1002/asi.23740

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>Dear Colleagues
>Digital Science’s latest report analyses arts and humanities research 
>through  topic modelling of grant applications, unveiling an innovative 
>and richer understanding of the research activity in disciplines that 
>have received much less attention than STEM research.
>Today, working with the Arts and Humanities Research Council 
><http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/> (AHRC), we have released our latest Digital 
>Research Report on: “Topic Modelling of Research in the Arts and 
>Humanities <https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.5621260.v1>.” The 
>report is an analysis of AHRC grant applications and details new topic 
>modelling applications for analysing research funding data. This is the 
>first time these methods have been applied to a national funding 
>dataset of research grants  and one of the first comprehensive 
>analytical views across research in the arts and humanities.
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