[Sigmetrics] New report: Landscape of Climate Research Funding

Jonathan Adams j.adams at digital-science.com
Tue May 16 10:04:19 EDT 2017

Dear Colleagues

We have produced a funding data perspective of global activity in climate
change research.  "The Landscape of Climate Research Funding" looks at the
growth and content of climate research investment and note its deep impact
on monitoring, regulatory and policy  organisations.  The report was
presented at the Week of the Arctic event in Fairbanks, Alaska, May 8th –
14th.  http://akarctichost.org/

The report uses data from the Dimensions database of competitive research
grants, which indexes more than $1 trillion across more than 1.5 million
individual grants and awards, linked to principal investigators and to
their institutions.

Key findings:

   - The funding data are a complement to standard publication analyses.
   Input and output are well aligned but funding provides a more proximate
   - Research grant data can track trends highlighting where the impacts
   will fall, providing a useful reference point.
   - Funding towards climate research has grown since 2003 and forms around
   1.7% of total research grants or $1.5 billion annually
   - Climate change research has shifted from the understanding of global
   systems research towards impacts and responses – studies around adapting to
   and mitigating climate change.
   - Critical cuts may not be to research but to the agencies that
   implement the research.
   - Changes in the focus or magnitude of research funding in one
   research-intensive economy can have direct and significant consequences
   for the wider global research landscape; these impacts will not be
   recognized for quite a while since the nature of this research spans years.

The report is available at:

English language -
Russian language - https://www.digitalscience.ru/

Dr Jonathan Adams
Chief Scientist, Digital Science
Visiting Professor, King's College London

M/ +44 7964 908449
E/ j.adams at digital-science.com

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