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Dear All,

Though am not a frequent sender, but an active reader and follower, I am 
glad I finally got the opportunity to share with you our final product 
after a whole year of working on preparing the Global Knowledge Index 2017.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback and further discussions,


*Switzerland, Singapore and Finland Take the Lead in the Global 
Knowledge Index Ranking*


  * /Announcing the results of the Global Knowledge Index (GKI) 2017 at
    the Knowledge Summit in Dubai/
  * /The GKI is developed as a partnership between the United Nations
    Development Programme and Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge
  * /The GKI 2017 seeks to establish an objective tool to measure
    knowledge in the context of supporting the achievement of
    sustainable development around the world. The index includes in its
    first edition 131 countries /


Dubai, 26 November 2017 – As part of the Knowledge Summit in Dubai, the 
Knowledge Project launched its first edition of the Global Knowledge 
Index (GKI 2017). The GKI 2017 is a unique initiative that focuses on 
knowledge as a comprehensive interdisciplinary concept related to all 
aspects of human life, including cultural, social and economic 
activities. It is also based on the belief that knowledge is a vital 
driver for achieving sustainable and comprehensive human development.

According to the Index, Switzerland is the best-performing country in 
the world with a total score of 71.8 out of 100, followed by Singapore 
(69.5), Finland (68.5), Sweden (68.3), the Netherlands (68) and the 
United States of America (67.2), Luxembourg (66.2), United Kingdom 
(65.6), Denmark (65.2) and Norway (64.3). Other countries of notable 
performance include the Philippines ranking 4^th and Azerbaijan 11^th at 
the global level in the Technical Vocational Education and Training 
Index; and the UAE ranking 2^nd at the global level in the Economy Index.

Mr. Michael O’Neill, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the 
Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy, noted during presentation of 
the GKI that “access to and availability of such data is important to 
design evidence-based policies that will be effective to achieve the 
Sustainable Development Goals.”

The GKI is a composite index structured around seven sectoral indices, 
namely Pre-University Education; Technical Vocational Education and 
Training (TVET); Higher Education; Research, Development and Innovation 
(RDI); Information and Communication Technology (ICT); Economy; and 
General Enabling Environment. It brings together 133 variables from the 
most reliable and updated international data sources. It builds on the 
work of the Knowledge Project over the past ten years which led to 
remarkable results, including the Arab Knowledge Report, the Arab 
Knowledge and Reading indices, and the cutting-edge Knowledge4All 
e-portal and mobile application.

The Global Knowledge Index is published by the Knowledge Project, a 
partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and 
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), supported by 
a core team of authors, and an advisory board with leading international 
experts in the areas related to the sectoral indices and knowledge. 
Advisory board includes: Ahmed ElSherbini from the ITU, Anuja Utz from 
the World Bank, Hugo Hollanders from the Innovation Systems Indicators 
and Policy program at Maastricht University, Jan Sturesson the founder 
of RESTING-Advice from the Future, Laurent Probst the leader of Research 
& Development activities Unit at PwC, Leif Edvinsson, Professor of 
Intellectual Capital at Lund University in Sweden, Milorad Kovacevic, 
Chief Statistician at HDRO-UNDP; Luis Serven from the World Bank; 
Jean-Louis Laville from CNAM; Ali Hadi from the American University in 
Cairo, Shyamal Majumdar from UNESCO-UNEVOC, and Sid-Ahmed Soussi from 
the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Dr. Hany Torky, Chief Technical Advisor of the Knowledge Project, 
described this index as “a major step in supporting sustainable 
development efforts with new innovative and helpful datasets and 
indicators, especially that it includes in its first edition 131 
countries selected based on data availability.” On future plans, Torky 
said that “the Project aspires to become a key reference in supporting 
policymakers and stakeholders in the area of knowledge-based 
development, and to include more countries in future editions”. Torky 
highlighted that “One of the main findings of the GKI is that it 
statistically confirms the correlation between knowledge and 
development, which are interrelated and mutually influenced.”

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, MBRF Chief Executive Officer, 
stressed that “based on the results of the index, governments should 
invest in and promote knowledge which is key to their progress and 

The Report is available in full for free download at the following links:

Country Results: 

Executive Report: 

More information about the Index and the Knowledge Project, in addition 
to interactive country profiles can be found at: 




Mariam Itani

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