[Sigmetrics] D/T Metrics: An indicator for open access journals and repositories

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> *Subject:* [Sigmetrics] D/T Metrics: An indicator for open access
> journals and repositories
> This text presents the proposal and application of an indicator that has
> been called "D/T Metrics" (Downloads/Time).
> This indicator interacts with other variables and data that allows
> journals or repositories platforms (eg. OJS or DSPACE) to qualify and
> obtain new evidence at altmetrics level, in an extensive sense, beyond the
> direct result of the number of downloads, which is the most commonly used
> indicator in open access, considering both the golden route and the green
> route.
> As noted in other times, data downloads are not enough, and it is needed
> to interrelate it with other data indicators, which allow different
> "angles" or "views," to identify a broader and integral visibility and
> impact of scientific production in our contexts, either from journals or
> repositories.
> The indicator considers downloads, as the number of downloads reported by
> the journal platform or repository; and time, as the number of days online
> or "on air," which the document, article, book chapter, book, paper, etc.
> has had (result of the difference in days between the date of publication
> and the day of cut of analysis. The above operation shows download level
> divided by the airtime = D/T Metrics).
> Look up the following article to know more about this proposal and
> application to a specific journal (RIB) or a repository (E-lis):
> *"Somos visibles y tenemos impacto. Análisis desde datos de acceso
> abierto, altmetrics y otros de la Revista Interamericana de
> Bibliotecología". *
> “We Are Visible and We Have Impact. Open Access Data Analysis, Almetrics
> and Others of the Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecología”
> *http://aprendeenlinea.udea.edu.co/revistas/index.php/RIB/article/view/323672
> <http://aprendeenlinea.udea.edu.co/revistas/index.php/RIB/article/view/323672> *
> *(**In Spanish, and soon in English)*
> Authors: Alejandro Uribe-Tirado, Juan Camilo Vallejo-Echavarría y Darío
> Alexander Betancur-Marín
> DOI: 10.17533/udea.rib.v39n3a04
> In conclusion, we have identified as a journal that we are visible and we
> have impact, but we are not directly indexed in Web of Science and Scopus;
> and as a repository, which is a key route for our contexts, considering the
> characteristics of our scientific production.
> --
> Alejandro Uribe Tirado
> PhD en Documentación Científica
> Profesor / Investigador - Escuela Interamericana de Bibliotecología
> Sublíneas ALFIN, Altmetrics, Open Access, TIC, E-learning y G.del Conocimiento
> Coord. Grupo de Investigación "Información, Conocimiento y Sociedad"
> Universidad de Antioquia
> Medellín-Colombia
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> auribe.bibliotecologia.udea at gmail.com
> grupoinformacionconocimientoysociedad at udea.edu.co
> auribe at correo.ugr.es
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> https://www.facebook.com/ciencia2.0yuniversidad
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> http://alfiniberoamerica.blogspot.com
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> http://bit.ly/mfvCdc (Cursos curriculares en Moodle)
> ***
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> http://orcid.org/0000-0002-0381-1269 (ORCID / ResearcherID)
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