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Dear Prof. Eugene Garfield,

Many thanks for the article.

It is noted that the authors have limited their perspective to the
literature that cites Henderson and Venkatraman (1993) - HV93.

I thank the authors for being candid in stating that they do not have a
preconceived view of the right perspective.

The statistical analysis reported is interesting.

Some Quick Thoughts:

Every organization is its best judge and they thrive on "Independence" of

There is an inevitable temporal dilemma due to ICT that has been showing
an exponential growth. "Productivity" remains a paradox in every usage of
I am afraid, not many Institutions have graduated beyond the cost-benefit
characteristics of ICT to make it "strategic" element.

"Technology Driven" is unfortunately being deemed the same as "(A Few)
Applications Driven".

Software developers and 'content-only developers' are becoming
increasingly important in the process of "University-Caliber [??]"

Long-term perspective is rapidly becoming more of a distraction.

Your thoughts...


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> Title:
> Is SAM still alive? A bibliometric and interpretive mapping of the
strategic alignment research field
> Authors:
> Alexandre, R; Isabelle, W; Michel, K
> Author Full Names:
> Alexandre, Renaud; Isabelle, Walsh; Michel, Kalika
> Source:
> 10.1016/j.jsis.2016.01.002 JUL 2016


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