[Sigmetrics] Patents from Latin America and Spain with Latipat (until July14th)

Victor Herrero victorherrero at gmail.com
Wed May 25 10:15:33 EDT 2016

Patents from Latin America and Spain with Latipat: Country coverage and
ability to search for emerging topics like Nanotechnology


The Latipat project unifies patent information from 20 Ibero-American
countries making this content available and free of cost via several major
public patent search systems: namely Espacenet, Patentscope and Invenes.
These different accesses are presented and their data coverage is analysed.
A comparison showed that, although the patent information comes from the
same origin, the country coverage and actuality of the patent information
varies substantially in the three compared search systems. Regarding the
technology coverage, an exemplary search for nanotechnology patents
revealed different results depending on the keyword and classification
support of each search system.

Björn Jürgens and Víctor Herrero-Solana

** available until July 14th at

** apologies for cross-postings


Víctor Herrero-Solana

Universidad de Granada

victorhs at ugr.es




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